Five Nifty DIY Hacks To Decorate Your Kids Room

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Decorating a toddler’s room is no easy task as you would look to create a minimal space that will grow over the years as the child ages.These five super easy DIY hacks will not only make your kid’s room fun and exciting but will ensure that they have a space they will love from their crawling years right up to their dwelling times in comfort and style.


As your child grows the room would need to accommodate a table for studies and accessible storage for books.Using proper and multi-functional furniture means less mess and more rest. Make your child’s room clutter-free in a clever way to freshen up the space. Adding decor on the walls and storing the toys and books using wall storage will keep the room neat and tidy. Keep in mind that keeping simple items like hooks, hangers, baskets etc will help to create a workable space full of personality.

Personalize the space

Many parents choose to display the names of the children in their bedroom. It is a wonderful way of telling them how much you love their chosen name and adding a personal touch to their room.There are many DIY ways to custom design a room that will make them feel special.For something unique, you can make a framed hand lettered name sign and hang it using a ribbon to provide a really cool look.

Versatile Vinyl 

The kind of flooring chosen for your child’s room can have an impact on the entire environment. The quality of the material will decide how the child interacts with his private space. You can get plenty of designs and variety even with cheap vinyl flooring options. Vinyl is durable, requires low maintenance, is easy to install and can easily withstand the rigors that young ones can inflict upon the floor. Moreover, they come in an endless number of patterns and colors and can be made to resemble any design which your child may want.

Keep it bright 

Using string lights and other accessories in the kid’s room can instantly bring it to life. Instead of wall-paper or other decor, there is something magical about string lights that makes them a cheap and easy DIY option. Since they come in pops of color and nature-inspired shapes, they can add personality to the room with the bright glow they emit. Even when they are not lit, their brass, nickel or bronze accents give a vintage look to the walls.

Add flair to the walls 

Wall murals are another great DIY option which can add a touch of glamour to an otherwise dull wall of the children’s bedroom, playroom or nursery. These design elements provide an inexpensive art-like effect. If you pay someone it is bound to be expensive, but there are budget-friendly options you can try yourself that will give the same artistic flair. Simple graphic signs like letters or phrases involve fewer steps and are a great choice for those looking to apply the mural themselves. Even a single wall mural will turn an area of the child’s room into a focal point.

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