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If you’re looking to get on the property ladder but you’re finding it a little rough then you’re not alone. House prices are pretty much through the roof wherever you look and if you want to buy a home in the capital, well you’ll be lucky to get a studio apartment for under half a million. Luckily, thanks to recent government schemes you can now get yourself on the property ladder in sought-after locations with the hassle. No you don’t have to win a competition have connections to access these schemes, you simply need to be a first time buyer and want to get on the property ladder in these areas. So how do you do it?


Shared Ownership


This scheme has seen growing popularity across the country from shared ownership Derbyshire to Kent and with all kinds of homes available you can find just what you’re looking for at the perfect price. Shared ownership allows you to buy a share in the property rather than the whole thing meaning you only pay a deposit on that share. This can make the whole saving for a deposit malarky a whole lot easier and what’s even better is you can buy more of your home overtime meaning you can reap all the benefits once you sell well being in full control of your finances. From shared ownership London to shared ownership Manchester, this scheme is pretty fool-proof and with a range of apartments and houses to choose from, this scheme is not to be missed.


Help to Buy


If you are in need of a bit of help to buy your home then help to buy could be for you. Allowing you to put down just a 5% deposit, you can manage your finances and comfortably not have to save for the rest of your natural life to afford to secure a home. These homes also come with an equity loan of 20% of the property with no interest for the first 5 years meaning you will only have to obtain a mortgage worth just 75% of the home. This is even better if you’re looking to live in London, with an equity loan of 40% and the 5% deposit. Help to Buy really takes the pressure off when it comes to buying your home and like shared ownership homes, these properties are all brand new and located in sought after areas all over the UK.


Commuter Towns


If you’re looking to live close enough to work that the journey is bearable but far enough away  that you can completely forget about it when you get home then commuter towns are well worth looking into. These locations are home to thousands of help to buy and shared ownership homes and from shared ownership Cheshire to shared ownership East Sussex, you could bag yourself a real steal. Well connected to the surrounding cities and surrounded in green space, there’s a lot to love about a new home in Bedfordshire or Ebbsfleet Garden Village.

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