What to Wear to a Baby Blessing

Baby blessings are so special. Whether you’re the parents of the baby, another family member, or a family friend, you’ll want to go dressed up for this special occasion. Because baby blessings are typically done at the church building during church meetings, you’ll want to be dressed in your Sunday best.

Even if the baby blessing takes place in the home, you’ll still want to be dressed up. However, finding the perfect outfit that is both modest and stylish can be tricky. You’re in luck, though, because all of the modest clothing from Seagull Book can be used to create great outfits for baby blessings, church events, and everyday wear.

When you’re the mother of the baby

It’s a special day when your baby is being blessed. You want to look your best! Depending on how soon after your baby is born you decide to bless them, you might still be recovering from the birth. One way to feel extra special is to treat yourself to a new outfit. Consider one of our modest dresses. Dresses come in so many styles and fits that you’re sure to find something comfy that looks amazing. This pleated sleeve dress would be perfect!

When you’re the grandmother of the baby

Having a new grandbaby is the best! Make sure you look and feel amazing at their blessing in a gorgeous dress or skirt. This lovely mock neck dress would be gorgeous for a fall baby blessing. If you prefer skirts and blouses, try this outfit. Pair this beautiful olive A-line skirt with a white blouse and a pair of heels. For an extra special touch, add a few special accessories like a special necklace or bracelet to finish the look.

When you’re the father of the baby

Baby blessing days are super special for dads too, especially if they’ll be blessing the baby themselves. Don’t sweat it, and know that you’ll do great! You’ll want to feel confident and calm so make sure you have a great outfit too!

When it comes to baby blessings, men don’t have as many options as the ladies when it comes to outfits. The father of the baby will need to wear dress pants, a white dress shirt, and a suit jacket with dress shoes. It’s also important to wear a tie. If you’d like to make your outfit more special, consider getting a new tie for the new daddy. This way, you’ll have a special keepsake from the baby’s blessing.

When you’re the grandfather of the baby

Again, men don’t have quite as many options when it comes to baby blessing attire so grandpa will need to be dressed in an outfit much like the one outlined for the daddy of the baby. To add a sentimental touch, though, you can always wear a special set of cuff links or a commemorative tie pin so you can remember your grandbaby’s blessing.

When you’re another family member

If you’re not part of the baby’s immediate family, and you’re not one of the grandmas and grandpas, it can still be fun to get a new outfit. If you’re a guy, try a fun new tie with your suit set. If you’re a girl, wear a cute modest top and a neutral navy skirt. Pair it with your favorite pair of heels and a matching set of earrings and a necklace.

When you’re a family friend

Even if you’re not part of the baby blessing itself and you’re not a family member it’s still important to dress up in your Sunday dress. Here are a few ideas for both men and women.


If you’re participating in the baby blessing, you’ll need to be dressed in (you guessed it) a dress shirt, dress pants, and a tie. A suit coat is an added bonus. While not technically necessary, most men participating in the actual blessing usually wear white dress shirts. However, it’s not technically a requirement.

If you aren’t participating in the baby blessing and you’ll just be in attendance, as long as you’re in dress pants and a dress shirt with a tie, you can pick the colors and styles that you are most comfortable with.


Even though you’re not a family member of the baby, it’s still a wonderful opportunity to help celebrate your friends and their new addition. Since this is a more formal event, wear a skirt or dress to the blessing and open house. One of these super cute modest midi dresses would be a great option. Pair it with a set of wedges and your favorite headband to complete the look.

For the guest of honor: the baby

Finding a special blessing outfit for your baby can be tricky. Some people opt to have their baby wear a family heirloom christening gown. Others want something new for them to wear. No matter which way you go, it should just be clean and white. Also, as a bonus note, many babies spit up or have blowouts. So, put a bib on over the blessing outfit and consider having the baby wear a white onesie under the outfit in case of a blowout. This should keep the blessing outfit cleaner!

Special commemorative gifts

While it is definitely not required or the focus it could be fun to get close family members to add the baby’s special commemorative pieces to add to their outfits. You can always buy special necklaces, bracelets, tie pins, or cufflinks. Maybe mom and grandma could wear matching pieces and even get one for the new baby (if it’s a girl) to keep for the future. Same with the dad of the baby, grandpa of the baby, and the baby (if it’s a boy.) Tie pins and cufflinks can be great for these purposes.

No matter what you decide to wear to the baby blessing, as long as you feel comfortable and amazing that’s great! Don’t forget to take lots of pictures and enjoy this special occasion with family and friends!

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