What You Need to Know About Penile Torsion

Penile torsion is a fairly common condition in male infants where the penis is rotated or twisted to a point on the left. Male kids with this condition have a problem urinating as it is hard to urinate directly into the toilet. They have to twist the penis or the entire body. What causes this condition, and is it treatable? Read on to learn more about this penile condition.

What is Penile Torsion?

This fairly common condition affects about 1 in 80 male newborns and can affect any male infant. With this health condition, the baby’s penis appears twisted or rotated on its axis, causing the penis tip to point to the left. This condition should be corrected at an early age or when one gets circumcised.

Its Causes and Symptoms

Top medical doctors say that penile torsion occurs when connective tissues and the skin of the infant’s penis do not form properly while in the womb. They also say that the condition can be a stand-alone medical condition or can be linked to other conditions of the penis. Hypospadias, congenital chordee, and hooded prepuce are some of the medical conditions that can be associated with this penile condition.

It is worth noting that the condition has no symptoms, especially if the penis is twisted or rotated less than 90 degrees. Parents get worried when they see that the penis is pointing to the left, and they fear that it might lead to severe reproductive issues in the future. However, no research-based evidence shows that this penile condition affects one’s reproductive system and potential. But if there are underlying causes, some symptoms might appear.

How is the Condition Noticed or Diagnosed?

Before you conclude that your male child has this condition, you should take him to a clinic for examination. The pediatrician or urologist will physically examine the baby’s penis and give a diagnosis. They will tell you if, indeed, your son has the condition and, if he has it, what steps you should take afterward. 

How is Penile Torsion Treated?

Treatment is not required if your baby has a penile torsion of less than 90 degrees. But you can take the child for treatment just for cosmetic reasons. However, a rotation beyond 90 degrees should be treated. The condition can be corrected by surgery. Different surgical methods can be used, depending on the extent of twisting and your pediatrician and surgeon’s preference. But before surgery, seek expert opinions from different pediatricians and surgeons. 

Expert Advice About the Condition

You need to know that this penile condition doesn’t affect your son’s reproductive health. It is only the abnormal appearance of the penis that is a cosmetic issue. Taking the child to a trusted clinic for a physical examination before you make any conclusion is essential. If the physical examination results say that your son has mild torsion, don’t subject him to surgery. However, treatment is necessary if the condition has rotated your son’s penis beyond 90 degrees. Take him to the best specialty center with experienced doctors, surgeons, and urologists. Such a clinic will treat your child, and all will be well.

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