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About me

When you first have a baby, you feel like nobody quite understands what you are going through – until you meet another new mum. This is how my blog was born! I had my first baby 7 years ago and I was not prepared for the struggles of being a mum. I felt alone after giving birth and like nobody could relate to the problems I had. I started keeping a journal where I documented my day-to-day life with my baby and tips and tricks I found as time went by.

After a few months, I met some other new mums at a playgroup and we discussed how people either struggle in silence or are too ashamed to be honest about their problems. As a group we decided that between us, we had an abundance of helpful, actionable advice and knowledge that we wanted to share with other new mums and parents.

I started publishing advice and tips I’d noted down in my journal and the other mums started writing their findings on the blog and from there we have established this incredible place where people can come to find help when they need it.

Although the blog is centred around parenting, us parents have many struggles outside of being a parent that affect our lives. Whether it is romantic relationship problems, friendships, work problems or you simply don’t know what to cook for dinner, we try and cover all topics on the blog so we can be your one stop shop for everything.

As a group, we share the belief that honesty is the best policy so we will never sugar coat the stories we share in our articles and the advice we give will always be honest and genuine.

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