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Guest post guidelines

Thanks for showing an interest in writing for my blog. I love hearing from other mums and their experiences. That’s the best thing about blogging, the amazing sense of community it brings – especially to mums who are struggling.

I’m looking for posts on:

  • Parenting
  • Pregnancy
  • Family
  • Marriage
  • Cooking
  • Health

With that in mind I’m quite picky about what goes on my website so if you would like to guest post please make sure that it sticks to these guidelines:

  • Your content must be unique – please don’t steal other people’s work
  • Your content must be high quality, I don’t accept all submissions
  • Don’t try and disguise promotions as an article, they will be rejected!

And what you get in return?

  • All content will be do-follow
  • All links will be permanently active on my site
  • You can have 2 external links per post

If you would like to promote something please use my contact form and we can discuss options.

Thanks for reading and if you think you fit the criteria I would love for you to contribute to my site.

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